About Eco-Safe WasteWater, LLC

The Team
Eco-Safe WasteWater, LLC is comprised of three main individuals. Doug Sharp - Managing Partner, Paul Donharl - Field Manager and John Sharp - Service Technician. Our Team and skilled sub-contractors design, install and service a wide variety of wastewater systems for residental and commercial clients.

On-Going Education and Certifications
In the wastewater business we are a different kind of company. We go to school. At the end of 2013 two of us had 250 - 300 hours of classroom training on various aspects of wastewater treatment. We all hold certificates from National Association of Wastewater Technicians, NAWT, and two of us hold CIOWTS-A credentials from the National Environmental Health Association. The last one two two years of study and over 30 hours of classroom training. We are the only ones in the region with this level of training. We also have a Certificate of Completion for Soil Evaluation.

Companies that Just Install
There are companies who advertise that they do septic installation and that is exactly what they do. They will take the plans an engineer has drawn and install a system, exactly as drawn, and generally they are pretty good at this. There may or may not be a warranty, so be sure you check.


What Sets Eco-Safe Apart from Most Companies
We are up on all of the current methods and products available today and we use our knowledge to insure the best quality and experience for our clients..

We work with the engineer on the design which helps to prevent future problems. We are also there from day one reviewing the site, determining the soil structure and long-term acceptance rate for the disposal field, choosing the best location for the system, the permitting process, installation and educating the client on system use. In fact, if a client uses one of our advanced treatment systems and stays current with maintenance requirements, we will warranty the field against septic failure for 10 years.

Eco-Safe Team Certifications