Project Owners/Developers

Owners/developers are often faced with the difficult decision of how they are going to dispose of the wastewater created by their project. A secondary consideration is how much fresh water, at what cost, will be needed to irrigate the greenbelt areas.

A decentralized wastewater treatment plant is a viable solution for both these issues.

A decentralized plant is a wastewater plant which is constructed on the site rather than connecting to the municipal plant. The onsite plant may cost significantly less than a sewer connection. The plant treats the wastewater to a high level and the effluent from the plant is re-used for irrigation purposes.

Onsite plants are generally very quiet, ordorless and frequently will be turned over to the local authority that operates and maintains them or a local utility company can be formed which in turn bills the homeowners.

the EPA likes this approach and encourages onsite plants. More information can be found at:

EcoSafe Wastewater, LLC can build plants up to 500,000 gallons per day and as our system tanks are traffic rated, we can install them under parking areas to save space.

Please see the Engineers section for more explanations..