Welcome to the Eco-Safe WasteWater,LLC website. We have done our best to make our website educational and informative. We believe, if you take the time to follow all the links and tabs, you will have an interesting trip through all facets of wastewater treatment from the most simple to the sophiscated technologies available today.

At Eco-Safe we are not tree huggers. However we are definitely water huggers. The world cannot make more water, but we can clean up what we use so it can be reused by someone else.

The term "wastewater" is generally used to describe anything which comes out of the final drain pipe of a structure and then is sent to either a commercial treatment plant or an OWTS (Onsite Wastewater Treatment System). This is where what we do comes into play.

We build and maintain OWTS systems for homes, mobile home parks, truck stops, rv parks, cluster developments, restaurants...... We try and return the wastewater to the environment nearly as clean as when it first came out of the faucet.


  • We supply parts and upgraded controls for existing Cromaglass systems.
  • Install advanced treatment and pressure dosed septic systems for residential clients (Southwest Colorado)
  • Distribute and oversee the instllation of package treatment plants up to 500,000 gpd, with a much smaller footprint and less tankage, than competing systems (Colorado, New Mexico and most southern states)
  • Build and repair commercial and residential lift stations
  • Build siphon vaults
  • Maintain seven different brands of advanced treatment plants
  • Perform septic inspections for home buyers and home owners
  • Repair failed disposal fields with replacement being the last choice
  • Repace lagoons
  • Distribute Infiltrator septic tanks
  • Distribute PuraSys Advanced treatment systems

Did You Know?